Astrow Flex, because you cannot foreknow everything ...

Since 1 January 2019, a new regulation has been in force in Belgium concerning the statute of the occasional employee in the funeral sector. This obliges the employer to electronically record the performance of that employee.

Amano developed, in consultation with the sector, Astrow Flex, a simple solution for capturing the clockings of the occasional employee. The registration is based on the national registration number. The barcode on the identity card can be scanned via an app. It is not necessary to enter the employees in advance into the system. Multiple employees can be registered from one and the same smartphone or tablet. Astrow Flex is cloud based, so the data can be transferred securely (via a social secretariat) to the NSSO for further processing.

Astrow Flex is also expandable to other sectors.

More information about Astrow Flex can be found here

Astrow Flex, because you cannot foreknow everything ...