Vertical Markets

Years of experience in different vertical markets have taught us that all of them have individual requirements. In the hotel sector, for example, flexi jobs are becoming more and more common; while the retail sector increasingly relies on work students. In the private mobility sector, the bus driver needs a fast and easy way to accurately register passengers. In order to guarantee the highest possible ROI for these various markets, we firmly believe our solutions need to be just as versatile as the requirements of our customers. Adhering to a clear and well-defined methodology helps us achieve extraordinary results in every project we handle.


Public sector

Public Transport Public Transport
  • Easy registration of passengers on public transport bus lines
  • User-friendly overview informing passengers on their bus usage
Police Zones Police Zones
  • Certified solutions for Belgian Police Zones
  • Installation and maintenance of terminals for integrated Police T&A
Healthcare Healthcare
  • Seamless integration with planning software
  • Integration with our Xparc parking solution.
Municipalities Municipalities
  • Digitalization of employee procedures
  • Decentralized decision making and reduced HR workload
Rehabilitation Market Rehabilitation Market
  • Mobile registration of ex-prisoners’ performances
  • Mobile apps allowing consultants to easily follow-up on interviews

Private sector

Hotel & Catering Hotel & Catering
  • Mobile Apps facilitating HR-services to be centrally managed
  • Easy enrollment of additional staff during peak periods
  • Smooth integration with our Xparc parking solution
Industry Industry
  • Integration between T&A-measurement and access control guarantees maximal safety in different industries (chemical sector, etc.)
  • Easy and fully compliant registration of all ins and outs (food industry, etc.)
  • Easy performance registration of mobile staff (construction sector, etc.)
  • Solutions for tracking the efficiency of executed transport (transport sector)
Retail Retail
  • Mobile Apps facilitating HR-services to be centrally managed thanks to increased employee engagement
  • Easy enrollment of additional staff during peak periods
Service oriented businesses Service oriented businesses
  • The PIP integration allows employees to put callers through more efficiently
  • AstrowActivity helps determine the average duraton of the different tasks. This allows you to significantly improve the staff planning
Funeral sector Funeral sector
  • Easy registration of occasional workers' performances thanks to Astrow Flex app
  • Optional integration with your payroll or Astrow T&A software
  • The billing according to the number of users guarantees a quick ROI