Parking: Xparc

Vertical Markets

Thanks to its open architecture, Xparc can easily be adapted to the needs of various vertical markets. Whether it concerns the integration of new auxiliary hardware, interfacing with specialized third party environments, or the introduction of very specific operational aspects into the management system, Xparc is able to comply with all possible requirements

The below table shows a few examples of sector specific approaches.

Public sector

Hospitals Hospitals
  • Synchronization of patient data to change tariffs for family members
  • HL7 interfacing
  • Specific access arrangements for Medical Staff and Ambulances
  • Read the story about AZ Alma Eeklo.
Municipalities Municipalities
  • Centralized Management server solutions in the Xparc cloud
  • Centralized Season Card Subscriber management
  • Consolidation of financial data and configurations
Public Transport Public Transport
  • Assign tariffs in Park&Ride carparks based on usage of the public transport

Private sector

Retail & Shopping Malls Retail & Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets can allow the customer to pay for his parking ticket together with his purchases, or grant him a discount when exiting.
  • Supermarket receipts can contain a discount barcode that offers parking discounts at a payment device
Operators Operators
  • Custom made interfaces with 3rd party applications in order to consolidate the data from multiple sites (financial, alerts,…)
Hotels Hotels
  • Arrange payment of the parking fees through the Room Invoice.
  • The web based “XWebPOS” or the POS APP offer mobile and hardware independent payment solutions (smartphone, tablet, PC,…). This way the front desk can be used to handle parking payments without any additional device.
  • Link between parking spot and room reservations.
Off Street Car Parks Off Street Car Parks
  • Level counting for multi-story carparks
  • Unlimited nesting area for employees, season card subscribers
  • Space by space management
  • Interfacing with CO2 and Fire Alarms to arrange specific barrier gate action at entry and exit
Airports Airports
  • Integration with reservation systems
  • Synchronization of Employee Access rights
Residential Parking Residential Parking
  • Alternative hardware limiting access to residents of the apartment’s building.
Event Management Event Management
  • During an event the carpark is set to Event Mode, whereas during the rest of the day, the carpark is in normal mode
  • In a scheduled event mode, tickets can be paid for in advance by cash or credit card at the entrance