Aware of the fact that companies of all shapes and sizes face common time and attendance management challenges, Amano specializes in flexible time & attendance solutions with a high degree of employee involvement. By profoundly understanding the needs of our customers, we help them to accurately, simply and cost-effectively build a platform where T&A-related information is shared among all involved parties in order to improve employee performance.

Astrow stands for Amano Software for Time Registration On Windows devices and refers to our different online software solutions for time and attendance management. Key functionalities include:

Dashboard Customizable dashboard for easy data visualization for all users
Employees Employee Self Service (ESS) module engaging employees in everyday HR activities
Full Web Full-web interface for ease of deployment
Team Manager Team Manager view with instant access to key operations
Reports Strong Business Intelligence through customizable reports and graphical representations
Mobile Apps Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) enhancing engagement of all stakeholders

Since over 25 years, we’ve been improving and extending Astrow to what it is nowadays: a user-friendly, flexible and extensive T&A platform, where modules can easily be activated when needed and where there’s room for integration with third-party software. To help you getting familiar with the improvements and add-ons, we provide outstanding after-sales support: regular updates, (video) consultations, newsletters, Academy sessions, … they’re all part of the service we believe you as an Amano customer are entitled to!

The Astrow evoluton

Astrow Web

AstrowWEB is the web-based version of Astrow. It gets installed on a local server within the customer’s network. Despite the increased popularity of Cloud solutions, AstrowWEB is still requested by bigger companies who want to tightly integrate with 3rd party solutions.

Astrow Cloud

As its name suggests, AstrowCLOUD is the cloud-based version of Astrow; and is offered as a SaaS-solution. Although the functionalities are exactly the same, AstrowCLOUD offers some important advantages compared to the WEB version:

Premium data Premium data quality and accessibility
To guarantee the quality and accessibility of your data, Amano works together with a professional hosting company. Regular server maintenances and high security measures guarantee continuous data speed, quality and accessibility.
Updates Automatic updates free of charge
Thanks to the SaaS-contract, AstrowCLOUD customers benefit from regular system updates which are automatically installed.
Costs Reduced startup costs
Since you don’t need to own a server, startup costs can be significantly reduced.
Unrivaled support Unrivaled support
Thanks to the Cloud, we have direct access to your Astrow configuration. This allows us to remotely intervene whenever you’re facing problems or having questions.

Astrow Mobile

With the world getting ever more mobile, the need for mobile time and attendance management solutions arises. Amano answers this trend by offering its solutions also on mobile devices. As we always put the employee first, the mobile application focusses on the tasks for the employee, although managers will benefit from it as well. Offering Astrow Mobile as a standard for all employees, we strive for maximal employee engagement.

Astrow Modules

Both the WEB and CLOUD version will provide everything you need for standard time and attendance management. However, in some cases you may have specific needs that are not included in the basic solution. The additional modules below will help you overcome these needs and are individually available on a pay-as-you-go basis:

The Manager Self Service allows managers to make reports and keep a clear overview of what’s hot in their teams. The versatile Team Manager screen gives the user easy access to all important information and allows for executing nearly all daily tasks.

Used by
Team and HR managers
In the Employee Self Service environment, employees can consult their bookings, manage their personal data and make absence and/or clocking requests.

Used by
Employees and non-executive managers
The Virtual Terminal allows users to make bookings on any given computer or mobile device. For remote bookings, GPS coordinates can be required so that cheating will no longer be possible!

Used by
All staff
The Presence Indicator Panel allows users to consult who is currently present and who’s not. This can be extended with an Evacuation list for increased security.

Used by
All staff, safety officer
Activity Activity
With the Activity module, you accurately keep track of the time your employees spend on a particular task or at a particular department. Cost calculations have never been more easy!

Used by
Team managers and their subordinates
Astrow HR is an extensive employee information system helping you keep track of detailed information with regards to your workforce. Trainings, diploma’s, certificates, equipment, personal data, ... With Astrow HR, you keep them all up-to-date in one single system.

Used by
Team and HR managers

Other solutions