Ever since our foundation in 1931, time has always been Amano’s core business. Although the underlying philosophy has remained unchanged, our product range has significantly increased. Besides time recorders, we also offer Time & Date Stamps and Time & Attendance software for the SME market with a clear focus on employee engagement and user-friendliness.


Vertical markets

With over 40 years of experience in different vertical markets, we are well aware that all of them have specific individual needs that cannot be fulfilled by a standardized approach. In order to serve you best, we firmly believe our solutions need to be just as versatile as your company’s requirements. Adhering to a clear and well-defined methodology helps us achieve extraordinary results in every project we handle. Besides performance tracking, we also devote our attention to domains like mobility, data collection, data interchangeability (f.i. payroll) and identification. This allows us to meet the needs and requirements of various vertical markets

Public sector

Public transport
Police Zone
Rehabilitation Market

Private sector

Hotel & Catering
Service oriented businesses
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