Staff safety


AstrowACCESS is the contemporary successor of GS Door, a separate access control program that was operating next to Astrow in the past. Since over 15 years, we’ve been improving and extending GS Door to what it is nowadays: a user-friendly, scalable security management system tailored to the specific needs of the SME market. The web environment in which AstrowACCESS is based allowed us to significantly improve the communication and user interface.


Although strongest as an integrated module within our Astrow T&A platform, AstrowACCESS is also available as a standalone solution. Its easy configuration allows for scalability both in the amount of access control points as in complexity of the setup.


  • Manage from 1 up to 256 doors at one or several locations worldwide
  • Up to 2,500 access badges
  • Easy visitor registration
  • Available as a Cloud solution, with full off-line backup
  • Freely definable access groups
  • Supervisor unlock
  • Anti-pass-back control
  • Possibility to deny access during holiday periods
  • Easy enrollment of new card holders
  • Intrusion detection checks
Market SME Bigger to multinational companies
n° of access points 256 3000
n° of badges 2,500 300,000
Visitor registration Available Not Available
Supervisor unlock Available Available
Anti-pass-back control Available Available
Cloud availability Available Not Available
Integrated badge printing Not Available Available
  • Astrow T&A
  • Fire alarms
  • Intrusion detection systems
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