Staff safety

In recent years, security in the broad sense of the word has become ever more important. With our integrated workplace security solutions, we want to protect your organization’s resources, with a special focus on your staff.

In contrast to standalone access control systems, Amano Staff safety solutions integrate access control, alarm management and graphic supervision all in one single system. Thanks to the open structure, these solutions can be tailored to perfectly fit your organization’s needs. Whether it concerns securing one single door or hundreds of them at different locations around the world, we can offer the right solution at the right price in a very short time-to-market! 

Staff safety explained

Staff safety explained

By integrating the security solutions in our T&A software, we offer a complete and reliable system that will help you manage your employees even better. In order to access the workplace, people can scan their badge or fingerprint. Simultaneously an in-booking is made, meaning that the system will start calculating their performances, and the status in the PIP (Presence Indicator Panel) will be changed to ‘present’. In case of emergency, the evacuation list, generated by a user friendly mobile app, will give a clear overview of who’s present and who’s not. For maximal security, it is even possible to define which employee is allowed to enter which building / room at a specific time.


Vertical markets

Concerned about the well-being of all employees, Amano offers two different solutions in order to serve both smaller and larger to multinational companies. So whether you’re an SME only requiring two doors to be controlled, or a multinational company with over 100 doors at different locations worldwide, we can offer the right solution in a very short time to market!

SME Market
(Multi)national companies
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