About us


DON KON UN … these are the words Mr. Amano had in mind when founding Amano Corporation (Japan) in 1931. DON stands for doing the right thing, it implies honesty, brightness and respect. KON means patience and dedication; seeking for continuous improvement. UN stands for success; and only comes to those who live by the DON and KUN values. By sticking to these, Amano has been able to gradually increase its activities and business reach through the years.  

Over 40 years later, with the foundation of Amano Europe in 1972, these words still describe our way of doing business and although our products have changed over time, they’re still about the same philosophy: ‘Contributing to a prosperous future for the global society’. The triangle in our logo, which stands for ‘Human being’ in Japanese, has not just been chosen by coincidence! In honor of Mr. Amano, we will continue our best efforts to keep on developing outstanding solutions in line with his way of thinking.

In Europe, we’re active in the industries of Time & Attendance, Staff Safety and Parking Solutions. From our headquarters in Genk (Belgium) and subsidiaries in Romania, France, Germany and Spain, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of the individual customer. In other countries, we work together with external, certified partners we keep close contacts with. Rather than entering the market with standardized solutions, we stick to a clear methodology we firmly believe will bring us and our customers the most added value: 


At Amano, we take the time to fully understand the needs of our customers, rather than comparing endless features lists of different competitors. This allows us to provide personalized solutions instead of mass consumption products. Efficient project management guarantees a short time-to-market and the in-depth consultations with our customers allow us to continuously improve our products and services. In other words, we innovate instead of just evolving after others have done so. Our Smart Solutions are a good example showing the added value of this unique approach: Taking into account the environment and the customer’s budget, we offer solutions reducing waste and eliminating costs of ownership. In our xParc parking solution, for example, a mobile app replaces the large amount of hard copy parking tickets. Quality takes a central place in everything we do.