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With employees getting increasingly mobile, we believe our solutions should do the same. Astrow covers a wide range of mobile applications that can be activated on a pay-as-you-go basis. Every application offers its own benefits, allowing you to even further extend the possibilities available in the desktop web version. By default, all of these applications are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Astrow Mobile – ESS

Mobile ESS was developed to even further increase employee engagement in day-to-day HR activities. In the user-friendly environment, employees get access to their personal schedule, amount of remaining holidays and booking overview. Moreover, based on the team overview, they can introduce holiday and absence requests. A notification automatically appearing in the MSS-module (= the complementary solution for managers) guarantees all requests will be followed up properly. Customers using mobile ESS see a clear increase in efficiency since their employees now get access to information they previously needed to check during the working day or even at the HR department.

Astrow Mobile – MSS

Mobile MSS helps managers keep an overview of what’s going on in their teams. In the Dashboard, which can be fully set to their personal preferences, they can drag the information that is most important to them. On top, they get a clear overview of the different requests in their team.

Astrow Mobile – PIP

Just like its desktop counterpart, the Mobile PIP gives you an overview of who’s currently present and who’s not. Moreover, it can be turned into an evacuation list which can be used in emergency cases. Using a green ‘thumbs up’ icon, you simply indicate people’s present at the assemble point. The completed presence list can be exported directly for later reporting.

Astrow Mobile - Occupancy monitor

In the mobile version, the occupancy monitor also provides a real-time overview of the number of people present in the company at a glance. The use of the office space can be reserved via the app and the occupancy rate monitor provides the necessary notifications when parameters and limits set, have been reached.

Astrow Mobile – Mobile Terminal

The Mobile Terminal allows you to turn any tablet or smartphone into a fully-fledged terminal. By scanning a QR code on their badge, employees can make remote booking from anywhere in the world. To make sure there will be no cheating, you as a manager can require that the location the booking was made from is share before the booking can be approved.

Astrow eBadge

Astrow eBadge is an auxiliary app allowing registrations in other Amano solutions. After filling out the mandatory fields like ‘name’ and ‘company’, users obtain a personal QR code which they can have scanned in order to register themselves. In the Astrow Mobility app, for example, the QR codes used by travelers are generated in the eBadge app.

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AstrowMobility helps public transport companies register travelers in an easy yet reliable way. Once registered in the eBadge app, bus users obtain a personal QR code which they can have scanned by the driver when hopping on the bus (people not owning a smartphone can obtain a printed version). This allows transport companies to obtain a clear image of their different lines’ profitability and automate processes like billing an reporting. Future developments that are soon to be implemented are reservation functionalities and notifications informing travelers of any deviations from the usual schedule.

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Astrow Flex

Astrow Flex, a simple solution for capturing the clockings of occasional employees. Easy registration with the national registration number. Register multiple employees from one and the same smartphone or tablet. Astrow Flex is cloud based. Data can be transferred securely to the NSSO for further processing.

This solution is in accordance with the new Belgian regulations and collective bargaining agreement in the funeral sector that took effect on 1 January 2019. Also expandable to other sectors.

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