ST-25 Time Management Terminal

The ST-25 replaces the IT-300 as the default terminal for all Astrow T&A installations. Thanks to its large touch screen and built-in camera, this highly performant time terminal allows for even greater employee engagement and self-registration of visitors. What makes it stand out even more, is the huge flexibility that was built in as from the first steps of development. Additional functionalities that can be installed on top of the default ones include (but are not limited to): ESS on terminal, data collection, activity tracking, on-terminal ESS, consultation of GDPR-related data and even flexi-job registration!

ST-25 Time Management Terminal

Key features:

  • Biometric and / or proximity badge technology.
  • High degree of employee engagement
  • On-terminal ESS functionalities
  • Smooth registration of visitors (optional: identification label printer)
  • Activity tracking
  • Consultation of all kinds of .pdf files

iTR100 time recorder

The iTR100 provides an ideal entry point for small and medium businesses who want to implement Time and Attendance management in all simplicity.

iTR100 time recorder

All-in-one package All-in-one package
No CDs, no software installation or other preparations. Everything has been taken care of for your ease!
Calendar Define ≤ 5 week programs
The easy-to-use wizard helps you define working hours, overtime and breaks.
Manage your employees Manage your employees
Presence Indicator Panel
Manage and adjust bookings and absences
Organize ≤ 50 employees Organize ≤ 50 employees
Assign badges, departments and payroll IDs
PC-less time sheet PC-less time sheet
The weekly view informs employees of their performances for the current week. 4 bookings per day can be shown and a red frame indicates there’s a booking
Facilitate HR Facilitate HR
Save, print or export results
Define absence, anomaly and pay period reports

Itr100 services

On top of the standard functionalities, additional services are available for you to get the most out of your iTR100 time recorder. All of these services can be activated on a pay-as-you-go principle. As a customer, you’ll experience a major added value without any obligations.

Payroll Service Payroll Service:
Export booking information to your payroll software and maximize your efficiency.
Report Backup Service Report Backup Service:
The report backup service automatically makes a backup of the monthly “Pay period” report and saves in on the Cloud server, where it remains available for 2 years.
Support Service Support Service:
This service allows you to log a ticket at the Amano helpdesk, where motivated and highly qualified consultants will happily help you out.
Extra week programs Extra week programs:
By default, the iTR100 allows you to have up to 5 week programs. This license extends your capacity to 20.
Full backup and restore Full backup and restore:
This service automatically creates a backup of all important parameters and stores them on the Amano Cloud server. These backups can be used to restore your data after a computer breakdown.
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