Astrow time registration hardware

With its various modules and mobile apps, our Astrow time registration solution also offers a range of hardware for accurate time registration. In addition to the time registration of your employees, these terminals can also be used for access control, attendance and visitor registration.


ST-25 Time Management Terminal

The standard terminal within our Astrow time and attendance solution with all the familiar features in a contemporary interface. Thanks to the large touch screen and the built-in camera, this high-performance terminal offers new possibilities in the field of visitor registration and evacuation lists.


It enables you to increase the involvement of your employees in the daily HR processes even more. Additional functionalities such as Employee Self Service (ESS), data collection, activity tracking and flexi-job registration can be added.

Your data is transferred encrypted via a https connection. The extra "s" in HTTPS stands for "secure". When you send sensitive information via a HTTPS connection, nobody can read what you write.


What makes the ST-25 Time management terminal so unique?

  • Secure bookings
    Thanks to the various backups, no booking will be lost.
  • Time card interface
    A clear link with traditional paper-based time cards.
  • Repeat punch Check
    Een dubbele boeking wordt meteen geblokkeerd, wat u helpt het overzicht te bewaren.
  • Personalize
    Place your company logo on the clock and decide for yourself which buttons are available.
  • Dual registration 
    The fingerprint - badge combination is now also available on 1 single clock and is fully integrated..

iT-20 Terminal


Choose the affordable iT-20, a standard "swipe-and-go" terminal to easily register your bookings. Specially designed for Astrow, a solid time registration solution with an emphasis on ease of use in an attractive design. The terminal is connected by means of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and therefore requires no additional power supply. The iT-20 automatically writes the bookings into the database via an HTTP protocol. It can also be used as a second terminal or for external offices.

What makes the iT-20 terminal so unique?

  • Modern design with LCD screen and audio signals
    For optimum ease of use.
  • Easy wall mounting
    Thanks to the iP54 housing suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • RFID Mifare reader
    Register with a simple "swipe-and-go".
  • Integrated interface (TCP / IP via PoE)
    Communication with PC via the ethernet network.

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