ST-25 Time Management Terminal

The ST-25 replaces the IT-300 as the default terminal for all Astrow T&A installations. Thanks to its large touch screen and built-in camera, this highly performant time terminal allows for even greater employee engagement and self-registration of visitors. What makes it stand out even more, is the huge flexibility that was built in as from the first steps of development. Additional functionalities that can be installed on top of the default ones include (but are not limited to): ESS on terminal, data collection, activity tracking, on-terminal ESS, consultation of GDPR-related data and even flexi-job registration!

ST-25 Time Management Terminal

Key features:

  • Biometric and / or proximity badge technology.
  • High degree of employee engagement
  • On-terminal ESS functionalities
  • Smooth registration of visitors (optional: identification label printer)
  • Activity tracking
  • Consultation of all kinds of .pdf files
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