Staff safety

Visitor Management

Unlike traditional visitor registration software, Amano's solution integrates visitor management, evacuation processes and access control all in one single system. This provides several advantages both in terms of security and user-friendliness

Visitor Management


  • Easy registration of visitors and business partners
  • Notifications (e-mail, text messages, app) inform you as soon as your visitor has arrived
  • PIP integration for smooth evacuation in emergency cases

Label printing

Once a guest has registered, a label, which can be used for identification, will be printed. Personalized, company-branded badges help you reinforce your corporate identity.


After they registered on the terminal, visitors will also be taken up in the Presence Indicator Panel; which can be turned into an evacuation list during emergency cases. This significantly increases the overall security level and helps you show your sense of responsibility towards business partners.

Terminal or tablet? It's up to you!

The Astrow Visitor Management module is available on our new ST-25 terminal, but can equally be installed on any Android or iOS tablet. This way, it allows you to register visitors no matter where.

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