Success stories

DSM Engineering materials - Genk, Belgium

All employers strive to ensure that employees work in complete safety. In 2020, DSM Engineering materials from Genk came to Amano Europe for the security of their company site, the IT infrastructure and their personnel.

DSM was founded in 1902 by the Dutch government to mine coal reserves in the southern province of Limburg. With the diversification into bulk chemicals and petrochemicals, it became a chemical company by the time the last mine closed in 1973. Today, Royal DSM is a global scientific company in nutrition, health and sustainable living with an annual net sales of approximately € 10 billion and employing more than 23,000 people.
The DSM Engineering materials site in Genk develops innovative high-quality material solutions for various sectors such as automotive, electronics, electrical, medical, consumer goods, renewable energy, building & construction, industrial equipment and transport.

The challenge at DSM to secure their site consisted of combining various Amano solutions and an integration with the existing systems. Amano is customer-oriented and they take time to fully understand the needs of their customers. In case of DSM, they intensively contributed to ensuring that all systems work together perfectly. After all, an access control system was already available.

Access to and on the site is managed with the powerful and easily customizable AmanoNET. This was switched to the newer Access portal program with a minimum of hardware modifications. The existing integrations with the time registration platform Astrow, the fire and burglar alarms were migrated smoothly.

In order to enter / leave the site, employees scan their badge on the time terminal, whereby an in / out booking is automatically made in the Astrow Cloud. This is a flexible and extensive time registration platform that, based on simple bookings, generates automatic calculations and can thus clearly display all "time"-related information.

This platform was further expanded at DSM with the Presence Indicator Panel (PIP) module. It provides a real-time overview of the present and absent employees. In an emergency situation an evacuation list (Roll Call) can easily be activated. During the evacuation procedure, this list indicates whether an employee is safe or in danger. The finished list can, after the emergency, be exported directly from the PIP for reporting.

In combination with the Visitor management module, the many visitors and suppliers of DSM are automatically included in this evacuation list. They are entered in advance and receive via email information such as directions and further details of their visit.
The Visitor management module is linked at DSM to Xparc, the parking management system. Through this custom build integration for DSM, using technologies from time registration, visitor registration and parking management, visitors / suppliers gain easy access to the company premises through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). After all, the site is completely closed off so that it is clear at all times who is present or absent.

It goes without saying that with these security solutions for the site and personnel, there was also a major challenge in the security of the IT infrastructure. In consultation with the customer, and using the rich experience of implementations of software within different IT environments, the necessary measures were taken to be compliant with DSM's questions. At the same time, the system also supports the physical component of IT security.

Cyber actors are constantly on the lookout for the weakest defense structure; The greatest risk identified is the spread of a cyber attack that penetrates the global network through one of the DSM sites. Cybersecurity is a program that is rolled out within DSM and is aimed at minimizing security risks. A completely new design was implemented and access from the outside was severely restricted. On the basis of Business impact analysis, a classification of the risk was made for each application and the measures applied to it. This new access control was also fully reviewed and integrated into the network in accordance with the requirements. Amano played an important role as the knowledge carrier of the application to provide the correct information and to make a good estimate.

Amano Europe has built its expertise in access control, time registration and parking management systems. This with open structure products, which enables smooth integration of systems. It makes Amano a reliable partner for DSM in their security project. A project that may be further expanded in the future.