Xparc from Amano is NF525 certified!

Amano Europe launches Xparc version 5.0.0, the parking management system that meets the French NF525 standard.

What are we certified for?
In France, the use of a certified and secured cash register system is mandatory to prevent tax fraud. Every seller who registers customer payments must provide proof that the software used meets the requirements of immutability, security, retention and archiving of data.

Xoffice 5.0.0, the software of our Xparc system, was certified by Infocert, a division of AFNOR and received the certification number 0340. Our software protects financial transactions according to the conditions within this certification.

Amano Europe is the only manufacturer of "off-street" parking solutions that fully complies with French legislation through this NF525 certificate.

Xparc from Amano is NF525 certified!