P3 VU Campus in Amsterdam fully equipped with Xparc

The New University Building on the Campus of Amsterdam will be occupied in the second half of 2019. It is a sustainable, innovative and multifunctional building where education, science and business come together with the ambition to meet the criteria for the Breeam Excellent quality mark.

Since 1 April 2019, the Campus has gained a central underground parking garage, namely P3 VU Campus. Underneath the New University building there is a 3-layer parking garage that can accommodate 600 cars. There are 24 charging stations and six places for disabled people. In addition to the parking garage, there is also a bicycle storage facility for 1,600 bicycles that will be opened later.

This prestigious building and parking garage also includes an innovative parking management system. The garage is fully equipped with Xparc from Amano. A flexible management system with a clear focus on adaptability and ease of use.

License plate recognition shortens the entry and exit times, which considerably reduces the emission of exhaust gases.

In a later phase there will be a parking guidance system where incoming parking users can easily find the free parking spaces. This reduces the circulating traffic within the parking, which in turn limits the emissions of the harmful exhaust gases.

Innovative solutions that contribute to the user's ease of use and the environment in general.

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P3 VU Campus in Amsterdam fully equipped with Xparc