Official launch: new ST-25 terminal

During January 2018, we launched our new ST-25 terminal. ST refers to Smart Touch, while 25 is the number of years Astrow exists.  Smart refers to the extensive possibilities we offer on this new terminal - as described below -  while Touch is one of the new ‘physical features’ for the new hardware. This modern Android-powered terminal equipped with a camera and a large touch screen allows for great extensibility and accurate registration of both employees and visitors.
What makes this terminal stand out even more, is the huge flexibility that is built in from the first steps of development. The basic T&A features can be extended with personalized actions/procedures to perfectly fit your needs. This way it’s possible to quickly answer to specific trends or questions in the market like: ESS on terminal, data collection, visitor registration, GDPR-consultation kiosk or flexi-job registration. Whatever you need, we can create it!

  • Biometric and/or badge-reading technology
  • All standard and well known Amano T&A features
  • Adaptability in very core of the device
  • High degree of employee involvement
  • Booking & absence requests
  • Consultation of personal schedule, time card and more
  • Access to holiday cards and documents (pdf)
  • Consultation of GDPR-related information
  • Activity tracking
  • Visitor registration (badge printing integration for easy identification)
  • Easy plug and play installation

Example of visitor registration:

ST-25 Terminal

Official launch: new ST-25 terminal