How to keep track in real-time of the occupancy level within the company?

How do you organize work since the COVID-19 pandemic? Maybe most of your employees still work from home and some are needed in the office. This new way of working makes it not easy to keep an overview and how can you ensure that your employees stay safe when returning back to the office?

At Amano we've created a new feature in our Astrow time and attendance platform to keep track! It's called the occupancy monitor and it gives a real-time overview of the number of people present within the company.

Monitor occupancy levels on different sites within the company!
Submitting a request to reserve a workplace in advance and confirming presence when coming into the office are all checked with parameters and thresholds in the system and displayed in a central screen.

Keep it safe for employees and visitors.
Ensure that the maximum number of people, taken the infection prevention measures into account, is not exceeded. Even the access to the company can be controlled by informing the employees in advance and on the spot.

Optimize office spaces.
Assess whether all crucial services (reception, support, ...) in the office have been filled and ensure that every employee has a desk. With telework becoming the new normal, costs can be reduced by optimizing office spaces.

Do you want to know what the Occupancy monitor can do for you?
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How to keep track in real-time of the occupancy level within the company?