How do you monitor the performance of overtime?

Astrow 9, our flexible and comprehensive time and attendance platform, keeps a good record of the hours worked. This way you and your employee always have an accurate overview of the hours worked and any overtime.
Did your employee do overtime?
Then you have to let your employees take special leave within a certain period to compensate it. The balances for overtime are processed in a nice counter within Astrow and can be shown on the terminal.

Take Maarten for example. He performed 5 hours of overtime during the month of August. He should take this in special leave within 3 months according to a collective agreement. So at the latest during the month of November, after which the counter is reset to zero. If the hours have not (all) been taken, it will be indicated from the 1st of November that the remaining overtime will lapse at the end of the month. This is how you avoid Maarten forgetting to take special leave.

Involve your employees in the HR process.
Give them access to their personal details, performances, overtime and leave. Allow them to submit an absence request themselves or to make a mobile booking.
It not only contributes to a better balance between work and private life, the workload in your HR department is also considerably reduced.

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How do you monitor the performance of overtime?