Discover Astrow 9, the latest version of the time registration software from Amano

Discover Astrow 9 with new possibilities and functions!

Amano constantly innovates, improves and expands its user-friendly and flexible time registration platform. In addition, we strive for an optimal user experience in which all your time registration needs are met.

What makes this update special?

Some new functions and general improvements have been added. This way you can quickly and easily create an overview of the bank holidays in your region with the "bank holiday" function, and you can schedule these immediately. Or you set up a "Back-up" during your absence, this way you guarantee that every incoming absence request will be followed up promptly and correctly. With an extra tab "favorites" in the standard screen, you create "shortcuts" to quickly navigate to your favorite windows within Astrow and thanks to the new "show/hide menu bar" button you have a larger view in your Astrow window.

You can now create an absence group in the Employee Self Service (ESS) module. Determine which absence codes you can work with, which authorization scheme must be followed for each absence and whether an attachment is required. All this in 1 clear window. The mobile Presence Indicator Panel (PIP) has also been significantly modified. Additional functionalities have been added that make it possible to steer the evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency using your ST-25 terminal. Staff safety statuses are automatically communicated between different devices. In combination with the visitor management module, your visitors will not be forgotten.

In addition to updates in the Employee Self Service (ESS) and the Presence Indicator Panel (PIP) modules, new modules are also available. Via the Notifications module you can have automatic notifications generated when a rule is met that you determine yourself. For example, keep an eye on the number of overtime worked in a certain period. With department registration you can assign the registered number of hours to specific cost centers, whereby no bookings have to be made but the hours can be declared afterwards. With our new Astrow IO service you save time by automating the import/export of specific data.

Our Astrow app also has a new look!

In addition to a new look, a number of functions have been added to make it even more user-friendly. This way you can set your home screen yourself and adjust your personal details via the app if necessary. New is an overview of the deviations in "My anomalies" and via "Confirm payment period" you give your approval for the further processing of your time card.

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Discover Astrow 9, the latest version of the time registration software from Amano