Política de privacidad

With full awareness of implications of protecting personal information in this Information Technology society, all people involved in Amano's operations, including, without limitation, management, directors and employees assure that Amano's personal information protection management systems is strictly observed to protect the customer's personal information with utmost care, and ensure that Amano remains the most reliable and trustworthy partner for all customers under the following Privacy Policy.

1. Disclosure of intended purposes of use and handling of personal information 

  • When the Company receives your personal information, the Company will inform you of the intended use of it upon your approval.
  • The Company properly handles personal information received from you with utmost care,and uses it only within the scope of agreed purposes of use.
  • The Company will not supply or disclose your personal information to any third parties other than Amano's affiliated companies without prior written approval by you.
  • Establish a consulting office inside Amano Corporation to accept complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information and/or personal information protection management systems.
  • The Company acknowledges the proprietary right and title of such personal information, and we will only disclose, modify or delete such personal information on a timely manner upon receipt of prior written request to do so.

2. Creation, observance and maintenance of Personal Information Protection Management Systems.

  • The Company establishes its own personal information protection management systems, implement and strictly observe them to protect personal information.
  • The Company reviews its personal information protection management system programs and upgrades them on a regular basis.

3. Protective measures and compliance with laws 

  • The Company takes every protective measure against unauthorized access, leaks, destruction, and defamation of personal information.
  • The Company strictly observes all laws, regulations and internal rules for the protection of personal information.

4. Other relevant steps

  • The Company provides educational programs for all employees on a regular basis to enhance their awareness of protection of personal information.
  • The Company sets this policy on its Website and makes it available for reviewing at any time.
  • The Company's Website : http://www.amano.eu