New firmware release on May 2016

The New Time Recorder has Arrived


It is unique self-calculating Time Recorder as an alternative for the conventional time recorder. The iTR100 provides an ideal entry point for small businesses for the implementation of Time and Attendance without any overhead and complexity.

We, Amano have been providing Time Card and Time Recorder since 1931. The iTR100 is designed based on our long time experience with customers demand as new generation Time Recorder.

New feature: Services!

Over time your company will grow, and so will your Time clocking needs. At Amano we have the perfect solution for that! It is now possible to expand your iTR100 Time clock with additional services to make your administration more easy and time effective.

Discover the different services that are available on this page. In case you're interested in upgrading your iTR100, just contact your local supplier and they'll be able to help you out. Don't hesitate any longer!

No Software Installation

All you need is a browser like a Cloud solution. The web-based software is PRE-INSTALLED on your iTR100.

  • Internet Explorer 10, 11, Edge
    (on Windows 7/8/10)
  • Chrome up to 51
    (on Windows 7/8, MacOS X 10.6.8/10.9)
  • Safari 5.1
    (on Windows 7 and MacOS X 10.6.8)
  • Safari 7.0
    (on MacOS X 10.9)
  • Firefox up to 47.x
    (on Windows 7/8/10)

browsers OSs

PC Less - Time Sheet

No need to use the PC for employee's time sheet. Your Time Card is on the terminal. When employee makes booking by means of RFID card or Fingerprint, the iTR100 shows his/her weekly or daily overview in real time.

Weekly View

  • Up to 4 bookings
    (with indication if more than 4 bookings)
  • Missing booking indication
  • Booking in coretime/overtime indication
  • Daily balance
  • Weekly balance total

Daily View

  • Up to 20 bookings
  • Missing booking indication
  • Booking in coretime/overtime indication
  • 5 x Daily counters
    • Target working hours (normtime)
    • Actual working hours
    • Balance
    • Overtime hours
    • Absence hours

Pay as You Go

No more investment for Time Card or Ink ribbon. You only need to get and scratch the License Point Card to activate functions/services you want. It will be less expensive than consumables for conventional Time Recorder, but gives you more functionalities and services which couldn’t realize before.

There are three different color and type of cards:

  • 10 point card
  • 50 point card
  • 100 point card

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Connect & Go

Unpack the iTR100 and get started. Mount, Connect, and Enter “iTR100” to address bar on your browser and log-in to software. Without complex setting, iTR100 will be found and able to access from your PC automatically.







Easy & Simple


The iTR100 provide you easy & simple T&A application for Administrator or HR manager. It is comes with wizard and online quick guide to support you immediately.

  • PIP(Present Indication Panel)
  • Add/Edit employee
  • Add/Edit weekly schedule
  • Add/Edit booking
  • Add/Edit absence
  • Report and export data



Up to 50 employees

Up to 20 bookings per day

Buffers up to 2 months or up to 22,500 bookings

5 weekly programs

Normal Working Time

4 Core Times

3 Break zones (paid or unpaid)

3 Overtime zones

2 rounding zones and 2 revisions zones

Up to 20 absence definitions

Up to 4 absences per day

Add an absence to multiple employees

Export reports to .csv and .html


Powers source : 12VDC (or 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz)

Power consumption : 1.5A

Operating conditions : Temperature 0°C to 42°C

Humidity 20% to 80 %

Weight : 1.4kg

Dimensions : 160(W)×140(H)×45(D) mm

Clock accuracy: 100% accurate by SNTP clock synchronization

LCD: TFT 3.5 inch

Port: 10/100M Ethernet
RFID version:

125Khz EM4012/Crosspoint

Bio version:

Identification<=2 sec