Astrow Access


Although the AstrowAccess is strongest as a module on our Astrow T&A platform due to the seamless integration, it is also completely available as a stand alone product. All of the funcitonalities are available, including extended card management.

Due his easy configuration, the AstrowAccess allows for scalability both in amount of access points as in complexity of the setup

This system offers facilities for monitoring and controlling small and medium sized sites.

System & Software Features

  • From 1 door with In or Out reader till 256 doors
  • Fully available in Cloud solution
  • Up to 10,000 tags
  • Full anti-pass-back (IN &OUT control), also available in soft mode
  • Supervisor unlock
  • Controls of the door status (open / closed) with alarms
  • Completely free definable access groups
  • Holiday definitions
  • Time related actions such as (Card, Card + code)
  • Extended curriculum

Hardware Features

1. IT-300GS controller

Network (TCP/IP) based, local or cloud, complete off-line capabilities

2. IT-100GT Door controllers

Network (RS485) based
Driving door, open / close monitoring, door open push button .
Our terminals controls the Amano reader (EM125Khz and Mifare 13,56Mhz) and most of the third party readers as Wiegand, barcode, magstripe and biometric.

3. Enrolment Reader

For easy enrollment of new card hodler in the software. No installation required!

6. AstrowAccess Software
System configuration, management & monitoring software in a very convenient and user-friendly interface.

To find out more about Access Control Solutions from Amano also check out the information on this page.