Astrow MOBILE - Now Released!


By developping native applications for smart phones we open up our Time & Attendance system even more to all users. Every user, at any place can login to the Astrow platform to perform important tasks or consult required information. Each seperate application can be combined at your wish with the standard Astrow platform to enhance your T&A experience.

At this moment the application are not yet available, but they will be released soon. Check for regular updates!

Mobile PIP

The Mobile PIP app is all about staying updated about your team(s) when on the move. The application is regularly updating itself so that the user immediately gets the correct presence information. And not only that. Apart from that, also the last booking information, terminal and absence information is shown. For each user the information can be sorted in a different way.


Another new function on this application is the fact that with the slide of a button you can turn the application into an emergency listing aid. Based on the last known status of an employee, it is possible to confirm whether the person is at an assembly point in case of an emergency. By confirming the presence, the employee is swtched to a different list, so only unconfirmed employees remain in the list. Switching between the two lists is easy. After you're done, you can just maill this list to a fire marshall or any other person of your choice.


When this is combined with Amano's AstrowAccess solution, that controls (a) person-high turnstile(s), you'll easily create a reliable system that gives you up-to-date information and statusses. No more problems with persons that forgot to book, which leads to wrong information on crucial moments.

Mobile terminal

The Mobile terminal allos you to turn your mobile phone into a terminal that can be used to make bookings. This way you can save on hardware costs and you can create a terminal that can move around in your company. The solution can also be applied to construction sites, remote sites or temporay locations.

The principle is based on printable QR-codes that are just printed out. The codes hold an unique badge numbers for each employee, which is scanned by the mobile phone.