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The PIX-200 Electronic time recorder / stamp

All in one electronic time recorder, time/date stamp and numbering machine, uses little desk space, quiet operation, multiple print formats and comments.



  • Economical time recorder/stamp designed for modern society
  • Illuminated print window
  • Password prevents tampering with settings
  • Ink capacity gauge
  • Easy-to-replace ribbon cartridge
  • Wall or desk mount
  • Programmable print size
  • Dot matrix printing
  • Quartz oscillation clock with an accuracy of ± 3 sec/week
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment
  • Clock and programming data kept for 3 years without AC power
  • 31 selectable preset print styles: prints year, month, day, date, hour (AM/PM or 0-23), minutes (regular, 10th, 1/100A, 1/100B(5/100)), seconds, 8-digit number and comments in various order
    13 selectable comments in 6 languages
  • Programmable customized comment imprint (up to 3 lines)
  • Prints up to 8 consecutive numbers with automatic reset function at a specified programmed time


Optional Features

  • Atomic/radio controlled clock (Germany, UK)
  • Full power reserve (72 hours or 400 punches)
  • Signal device, 20 steps a week