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The BX1600 Time Recorder

Fully electronic time recorder, lockable, strong synthetic covering, easy to use and program, compact construction.





Main features

Irregular print mark and automatic column shift





  • Fully electronic time recorder with large, easy-to-read digital clock face
  • Ergonomically shaped slot for timecards with anti-dust lid
  • Silent time adjustment
  • Quartz clock with an accuracy of ± 3 sec/week
  • Soundless matrix printer
  • Automatic time card feeding capability
  • Maintenance of program data during power failure
  • Calendar with automatic date adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
  • Programmable day switch
  • Programmable IN/OUT printing position
  • Can print up to 6 columns
  • Printing irregular mark in predefined zone
  • Hour in small print for first printing after time change (to indicate unauthorized time changes)
  • Printing selection: AM/PM or  0-23 hour, regular minute, 1/100, /10 or 1/20 hour
  • AMANO timecard size 86mm
  • Detection for both sides of the card
  • Preprogrammed basic functions
  • Delivery including black ribbon
  • Wall mounting or installation on table