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Investment in development is one of the basic rules in the Amano strategy, even during an economic weak period.

The new product of Amano called Xparc is an example of the investment in development to have a system for our customers with an innovative view in future for operation of car park facilities. This product has been successfully installed in several countries in Europe.
All of the installations so far were part of a wider integration in the local network of third party applications with existing similar software packages (membership databases, access control systems, aso, …). 
Furthermore, for most installations, applications with full Voice and Video IP integration have been used.
Amano Corporation, our mothercompany in Japan has full control over the quality and reliability of the concept, while the design of soft- and hardware is a pure European development.

By offering revolutionary design, the most advanced communication tools and infinite integration capabilities, Xparc has set a new standard in the parking industry.

Have a look at your local Amano office to find the Parking Solution for all your needs!