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More than just a simple access control system, a global safety solution must allow the protection of all company’s assets whether it concerns equipment or IT. It must also increase the safety of employees as well as visitors.

Amano has a complete security management system, integrating access control, alarm management and graphic supervision features.  Its modular architecture enables you to implement a solution really adapted to your constraints and your environment.

Our solution allows flexible and decentralised visitor management, while optimising the quality of the reception.


Access to your IT resources, whether it is access to the network, the work stations or the data, can also be made safe and managed in a centralised way thanks to our solution.

Amano's range of access control products and systems offer customers true peace of mind by providing freedom of movement in a secure environment. Our products and systems are flexible, scalable and easy to use. They meet customer needs that range from providing security at a single door to overcoming the security challenges faced by very large multinational corporations with thousands of doors and cardholders at different locations around the world.


Access control products and systems from Amano and her partners help organizations ensure that the right people always have access to the right places at the right times, and that the wrong people never do.

Our products and systems provide high levels of both security and convenience at the same time, offering freedom of movement in a secure environment everywhere they are installed.

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