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Opening up new frontiers of information and ecology.
Quality time, quality people, and quality environment.

  • Time Information Systems / Time Management Products

We offer the newest solutions to optimize human resources and time.

  • Parking Systems

AMANO strives for strategic, efficient, user-friendly and smartest management of any parking facilities that are based on latest technologies.

  • Amano e-timing Services

Time Authentication Service

Digital Time Stamp Service

A NEW "Time Business for a digital-oriented and global cyber society."

  • Ecology Products

Offering a new electrolytic water system as a solution for your needs.

  • Environmental Systems

AMANO strongly supports the creation of environmentally sound and safe working places for your workforces that meet ISO 14001 requirements and satisfy today's heightened environmental awareness.

  • Cleaning Systems

AMANO delivers the finest user-friendly floor-care products with maximum cost effectiveness.

  • Service Business

AMANO's global support systems for providing continuous customer satisfaction.

  • Outsourcing Services New Business

Making it easy for routine tasks and supporting human resources strategy.