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The Services on iTR100 allow to expand the basic funcitonalities of the time clock in a steady and easy way. As an end user you keep full control since the services can be activated and deactivated easily. Also here the pay-as-you-go-principle still applies.

The payroll services can be accessed by the software on iTR100. For these services an internet connection is always necessary. If an internet connection is not present, the page will show an error to the user. Other standard functionalities of the terminal will remain operational.

Up to now 4 services have been released:

1. Payroll Service

The payroll service allows to create text files that are used to communicate worked hours and absences with the payroll software.
Typical Payroll data should be foreseen in the iTR100. Some of it is linked to the employees, some of it is only linked to the company. This data will be stored on the server so that it only needs to be completed once for new employees.
Once all data is filled in, the information is send together with the standard counters to AstrowCLOUD, and the payroll text file is created. This file is downloaded to iTR100, and is available for customer.
Based on the number of employees and the amount of weeks of data that is exported, points need to be paid.

2. Report Backup Service

The Report backup Service automatically makes a backup of the monthly “Pay period” report and saves it on the Cloud server. The report then remains available for 2 years. It can be consulted through iTR100 software, and advanced search operations and printing is available.
Based on the number of employees an amount of points needs to be paid weekly.


3. Support Service

The support service allows to log a ticket with the helpdesk. Within iTR100 software the customer can create and respond to tickets. When a new answer is given, a notification appears on top of the screen. It’s possible to add print screens etc. to the ticket to explain your problem.
For opening a ticket, a fixed amount of points needs to be paid. At that moment x minutes of times of support are purchased.


4. Extra weekly programs

This service allows you to extend the amount of weekly programs that can be created inside iTR100. The basic limit is 5 weekly programs, the service lets you extend to 20 weekly programs in total. A one-time fixed cost of points is charged.