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By using the Employee Self Service (ESS) you help smoothening business processes and saving up time for your team leaders and the hr-personnel. This is all possible due to the possibility for the employees to log in themselves and check up on their status.

You'll be no longer bothered by the question "How many days of annual holiday do I have left?", as the employee can check for him self. You can also say good-bye to all paper trails for requesting an absence. The employee will be given this possibility by using the ESS. It's possible to set up an entire chain of approvers, even with backup persons. And for all persons involved there is a clear status available during the request. When the request is granted, it's automatically loaded into Astrow so that everybody is immediately aware.

Next to that the employee gains access to personal information about his clockings, taken holidays, his own anomalies, his yearly overview, PIP (Presence Indicator Panel) status and many more ... .

By reaching out and allow your employees actively in the T&A system of your company not only your organization will gain in efficiency, but also your employees will become more responsible and more involved with their work.