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IT300-PhotoiT-300 series, Amano's new range of IP connected terminals, is the result of a multidisciplinary effort in which different design goals are met. The iTerminal addresses all the needs of our markets and, provides features and services allowing for seamless integration in new domains such as payment, security and time stamping. This device enables businesses to collect & access data anywhere, anytime, permitting integration in new business models such as Application Service Providing (ASP) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

New Design

iTerminal's graphical user interface and ergonomic design allows for efficiency and intuitive manipulations, as such reducing the  operational overhead and lowering the adaptation threshold. The unit is wall mounted and is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Time Management

Time has always been Amano's core business. The iTerminal extends this tradition with a dedicated co-processor that handles accurate timekeeping.  Time synchronisation via SNTP protocol is standard on all the IP connected machines.

Real Time Processing

The iTerminal takes full advantage of the Internet. Maintaining an online connection allows for deployment of new technical and commercial solutions such as, for example, thin-client architectures, which are popular in emerging business models such as ASP and BPO. The embedded event driven mechanisms can push data directly to remote servers, eliminating the need to install and maintain middleware at the customer site. The iTerminal allows for remote interventions, proactive support and managed services, regardless of the location of the device. The introduction of these new functionalities does not only improve customer satisfaction, but furthermore contributes significantly to the reduction of the total cost of ownership.

Easy Customization

The iTerminal comes with a generic software platform. The system allows for easy customization, thanks to an internal API and a script engine.  Changing the logics, user interface, keypad layout or reader configurations is done by uploading a new application script to the terminal.

Security & Data Integrity

Because of the robust design, data is always available and guaranteed. Power failures or network breakdown can never result in data loss. Being online requires adequate security measures. In addition to the standard TCP/IP, FTP and XML protocols, the Pro versions features HTTP functionality and security based on SSL and server authentication by means of certificates.

Why iTerminal

- iTerminal's ergonomic design and user-centered interface allow for fast, straightforward deployment

- iTerminal's display, keypad and reader configuration can be adjusted to perfectly suit each customer's needs

- iTerminal's time synchronization features offer indisputable time records

- iTerminal uses a secured internet connection for transmitting time and attendance data to your site

- iTerminal allows for remote interventions, proactive support and managed services, regardless of the location of the device.. Data are pushed directly to your servers, so your customers do not need to install and maintain any middleware

- iTerminal uses the latest state of the art technology, 6layers surface mounting technology, and an impeccable quality

List of iTerminal specifications


32 bit 630MHz


3.5 inch TFT display


8 Function Keys
16 Numeric keys


10/100BaseT Ethernet® port, RJ45


Signal relay

Internal Reader

RFID, Mifare, Legic


1 Buzzers


2 LED's standard on board (OK,Error)

Clock Accuracy

+/- 5 seconds per week (at ambient temperature 25 ±5°C)


Up to 6 hours backup battery included


64Mbyte RAM
256Mbyte FLASH

Operating System

Windows CE

Communication Protocol

XML based (HTTP), based on Amano's UDF specifications


In: 12VDC or 220-240VAC

Operating Temperature

0° C ~ 45° C


10%-Max 90%