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The Manager Self Service (MSS) is the key to managing your team. Thanks to the intuitive Team Manager view, it becomes even more simple to keep track of your team. By switching between convenient layouts the information on the screen change instanteneously.

  • You want to who know didn't punch properly: Bring up all the clockings!
  • You want to make next week's planning for your team? Bring up the shifts and working hours!
  • You want to create the holiday planning? Bring up all absences and absence requests of all team members!

For each task a suitable layout can be created and shared with your fellow team leaders. But that's not all ... By arranging all the persons in teams and/or filters, it becomes even more easy to manage bigger groups by one user. Don't know in which team Phill is located? Just start typing and he'll jump up. All the information is right at your finger tips!

Also know that from this Team Manager view you can perform 95 % of all daily tasks, without the screen being too complex. This allows for easy access to all information without having to click through tens of complex screens.



The typical Astrow-interface allows you to select multiple cells at once, and do f.i. group actions like adding bookings, adding absences, creating reports, change shifts, ... . The possibilities are endless. The best part of it: as a user you keep total control with your personalized settings!