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AMANO’s Xparc Management System

The Xparc Management System transcends mere practical functionality by successfully ensuring that all system configuration and administration necessities are met.

Under this umbrella, initial system configuration, as well as day-to-day maintenance of data (i.e. customers, tariffs, service contracts, etc.) is covered.


xparc_softw.jpg  The Xparc Management System follows the web application concept and provides its own HTTP server. As a result, no client software needs to be installed at customer PC's thus drastically reducing the complexity of systems integration.


The management server hosts the relational database management system (RDBMS),which is used for the secure storage of system and user data. Additionally, it also hosts a number of software processes dedicated to specific tasks (i.e. tariff calculation, time synchronisation, distribution of data, etc). The RDBMS, which is accessed via SQL and ODBC, facilitates third party access to stored data.


The management server software, which is installed on the field controller or the car park server, contains integrated remote system management software, thus allowing even remotely distributed systems to be managed from a central location.


The software package used for tariff programming and accounting is based on the standard ERP program structure, thus ensuring the utmost levels of flexibility and expandability.



Network System Layout