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A complete solution for all market segments

XP7920 front

The Automatic Pay Station is designed to provide automated revenue collection to parking facilities equipped with the X-Parc parking management system.

The Pay-Lane can be used in conjunction with the Lane controller and cashier stations. It will report revenue and status related information to the Pay-lane management computer.

Payment of parking fees is facilitated by cash payment in coins and banknotes. In addition, cashless payment by credit cards or national cash cards can be provided.

By standard, parking tickets are identified by means of an advanced barcode scanner.


  • Computer:   Industrial PC (1.5GHz Pentium Processor, 512MB RAM)
  • Display: 
    • One or two displays can be used (8.4" to meet with DDA requirements)
    • Integrated touch screen panel, multi-language
    • 8.4" TFT (800x600, 400cd/m2), LVDS
    • 15" TFT (1024x768, 400cd/m2), VGA
  • Ticket Reader:  Ticket mouth with Linear Barcode scanner. (Optional: Motorized retraction)
  • Receipt Printer: Prints tickets, receipts and reports  (endlessroll).
  • All-in-One Validator: Read, write, print, park, vault using fanfold ticket box (option) No separate Ticket Reader or Receipt printer.   
  • Intercom: VOIP based module with speaker and microphone (Option)
  • CCTV: Buil in covertsurveillance IP-camera HD (Option)
  • Cash: Recycles 4 coin values, Reads Banknotes in any direction. (Optional: Dual currency Note recycling, 1 or 2 additioanl non recycling hoppers)
  • Memory: 1GB IDE Flash Module
  • Network:  Standard TCP/IP
  • GUI:   Multi-language customer guidance (configurable)
  • Season Cards: Mifare (ISO14443A) card reader or EM based proximity card reader (option).  


  • Case: Galvanized Steel (3mm) and safety glass.
    Powder coating, RAL9005/9006
    (Option: Stainless steel)
  • Main Power: 100/120, 220/240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 200W (300W with optional heater)
  • Ambient: -10°C ~ +40°C 
    (-25°C ~ +40°C with heater) 
    10~90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Net Weight: 180kg
  • Dimensions: 1707 (H) x 602 (W) x 433 (D) mm
                            1941 (H) with illumination top (option)
1.6GHz Pentium Processor