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The TF9300E Full / Free Indicator

  • Can be used as a Standalone Full / Free indicator full_free.jpg
  • Can be connected to a Lane Terminal
  • Can be connected to a TF9350E led sign
  • Can be customized to any language or character set
  • Maximum to 4 digit words

Basic Description

Display with FULL in red LED's and FREE in pure green LED's, addressable with voltage free contacts.


Housing:                           aluminium profile, varnished (RAL1004)(oven baked powder coating)
Dimensions:                    L x H x T= +/- 60 x 30 x 9 cm 
Front:                                anti-reflex for the LED display 
Number of Digits:           4 for FULL in red LED's,   4 for FREE in pure green LED's
Construction of digits: the digits are constructed with 9 pixels high and 7 pixels wide (that way, you can also represent more special characters)
Digit height:                    12cm
Reading distance:         until +/- 60 meters
Intensity:                          ultra bright Agilent LED's / ultra bright Nichia pure green
Control/drive:                  through voltage free contacts

The TF9350E Free Space Indicator

  • Can be used as a Standalone Space Counter in smaller carparks free_indicator.jpg
  • Controls up to 4 In-lanes and 4 Out-lanes
  • Can be networked with up to 99 units
  • RS-485 communication with host application
  • Can be used for Area Counting and Level Counting
  • Optional Pole or Wall mount brackets

Basic Description

  • Single, with 3 digits in yellow LEDs of 10 cm and 3 crosses in red LEDs of 10 cm for the outdoor indication of available parking spaces
  • Free space for fixed text (in vinyl), illuminated with PLL lighting



Housing:                               aluminum profile, dark gray varnished (RAL 7021)(oven baked powder coating)
Dimensions:                        L x H x T = +/- 90 x 30 x 17 cm
Front:                                    anti-reflex for the LED display
Number of digits, cross: 3
Digit, cross height:           10 cm
Space for fixed texts:      +/- 30 x 30 cm;opal plexi for the characters: e.g. ‘P’ with a cap,‘LEVEL –1’,…
Colour:                                  yellow for the digits and red for the crosses
Reading distance:             until +/- 50 metres
Reading angle:                  120 degrees
Intensity:                             ultra bright AllnGaP LEDs
Control/drive:                     through 4 dry contacts: 4 for ‘+’ and 4 for ‘-‘
Automatic dimmer:          2 light sensitivity levels