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  • Can be connected through ISDN or Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Requires no investment other than the camera itself and the connection
  • Easy access and configuration through the internet (using Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • Static IP, allowing direct connection through any webbrowser
  • Can be used for online monitoring, but is also configurable to send images triggered by predefined events


Sensors: passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor, microphone, video motion sensor
Compatibility: since no software installation or browser plug-ins are required: full compatibility
Event-controlled: image recording including pre- and post-event images
Internal image storage: for up to 2,400 images
Video management software: including database, multi-user capable and license-free
Data management: without size limitations on standard file server
Multi View control center: for simultaneous display of several cameras (live and playback)
Minimum network load: (about 1MBps using MxPEG) facilitates integration into existing networks
Dual lens system: for wide-angle and zoom images
Weatherproof: with an IP65 outdoor housing (-20 to +60°C)
Power supply: through the network or ISDN connection allows for centralized uninterruptible power backup
ISDN port: allows simultaneous dial-in for remote administration and dial-out to the Internet
Integrated audio channel: for event control and audio storage (coming soon)
Phone alarm: via voice message using ISDN
IP over Voice: where the camera will call you with a voice message stating the camera's current IP


  • Brilliant color images
  • No blooming
  • High light sensitivity
  • Sunlight-proof
  • Motion tracking
  • 3 lenses, zoom lens
  • Weatherproof
  • Integrated interfaces
  • Jpeg images
  • Multiview function
  • Large format live video (640x480)



Integrated Video Management Software

  • recorder/player integrated in camera
  • almost no network traffic due to integration into camera
  • data management on standard file server (Windows/Linux)
  • live images and recordings viewable from every computer
  • multi-user operation without licensing costs 
    image search via the network

Internet Access

  • dial-in via ISDN or network to an FTP or email-server 
  • automatic date/time-based folder structure
  • variables used to generate image file names
  • automatic archiving (WinZip) of event image sequences via FTP


  • Wall mount module
  • Network power adapter with RJ45
  • Indoor version: